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The ultimate Fundraisers for charities, social clubs, schools, sports leagues, committees and groups. Generate great profits with with our live audience participation comedy shows. CrowdLaughs.jpgComedy Night Live! offers a complete Fundraising program designed for maximum profitability, offers fantastic mass-appeal and drawing potential, audience participation, comedy & laughter, a fun format appealing to all ages, and are true crowd-pleasers! Best of all each performance and production offers multiple sources of profit opportunities.

Generate Maximum Profits For Your Next Fundraising Event!

Our many years of experience of being directly involved in working with schools, sports organizations, charities, fundraising companies and others has allowed us to understand the importance of the necessary and crucial elements to successful Fundraisers, and the challenges that groups incur to produce a profitable Fundraiser.

We understand your desire to raise profits through new, unique and creative ways separating yourselves from the same typical type of Fundraisers. Our entertainment fundraising programs are available specifically to meet your needs and interests, while letting our knowledge and experience work for you.

Discover the many unique advantages that our Comedy Night Live! Fundraisers have to offer! These truly are fundraising's hidden secret. 

Why Live Comedy Entertainment Fundraisers?
Comedy Night Live! Fundraisers are unique and offer several key elements that can drive your next fundraiser to increased response and participation, improved public perception, and most of all greater profits, all while eliminating many of the problem areas of product fundraisers. The common elements that many types of product fundraising programs have include inventory, distribution, person to person selling, the handling, exchange and collection of money for each product sold, accounting, and often a concern for safety issues. 
The reasons for the success and popularity of our entertainment and event fundraisers are many but mostly due in part to their ease of operation, safety for planning groups and committee volunteers, lack of direct selling and the related responsibilities, offering a refreshing fundraising alternative, and the ability to spend the majority of your fundraising efforts in promoting the event rather than product management. Most of all there are no products to order or inventory to organize or distribute.
Another of the key components to our Comedy Night Live! Fundraisers is the ability to offer an exciting professional quality family event to the entire community, allowing for greater attendance and the many possibilities for multiple sources of profits. This allows you to take your event or entertainment fundraiser to a higher level, yet separating yourself from the standard product-based sales programs. 

And best of all the perception to the public is much more inviting and that of a fun, affordable event to be enjoyed by family, friends and community members. The results of this perception is increased support directly resulting in larger profits. 

We Make It Easier Than Ever For You To Raise Funds For Your Group Or Community Organization While Providing A Fun Event For Your Guests

Comedy Night Live! Fundraisers are ideal to raise money for new nearly every cause and occasion...the possibilities are absolutely endless!
We have specialized in offering and producing successful productions for audiences nationwide for over 30 years with national heading entertainers and productions. These events have proven to be financially successful as Fundraisers and add media attention, newsworthiness, credibility, and mass-appeal to your Fundraising project, allowing you to host an incredibly profitable and successful Fundraising event on many levels.
Our events have support and community appeal and are enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Our professional and exciting productions will allow you to host a truly fun and rewarding live entertainment pperformance to create a show that will not only meet your expectations, but will become a very memorable event.
Our Exciting Comedy Night Live! Performances Turns Family Fun Into Thousands of Dollars For Your Group!
If you are tired of the same old boring and repetitive Fundraisers, you are going to be very excited with what we’re about to share with you as it offers solutions to your most important Fundraising problems...What to do to offer something unique and different with higher than normal profit generating potential to completely satisfy your ongoing Fundraising requirements.  
After over thirty years of successful live performances and productions nationwide and many requests for a fun, safe and mass-appeal Fundraising Program with multiple profit sources, and learning the primary concerns and interests of Fundraising groups across America, we have consulted with leading experts from such Fundraising giants as Target and The Harlem Globetrotters and many others to create a truly unique and revolutionary concept in Fundraising. The proud result are our Main Event Entertainment Fundraising Program.  

It has taken over twenty years to create, test and complete this type of program that offers a completely self-contained, step-by-step program to allow Fundraising groups just like yours the opportunity to raise more profits easier than ever before while presenting a fun, exciting and memorable special entertainment event.
2 Exciting Entertainment Fundraising Program Formats To Choose From
The result are two exciting Main Event Entertainment Fundraising Programs The Maximum Profits Program and the No-Risk Partners In Profits ProgramBoth of these program options feature the benefits of our over thirty years of knowledge and experience. These programs literally take you by the hand and details how your group can easily raise above average profits. Best of all, our shows come complete with time-tested, ProfitsSign.jpgreal-world experience to assure your results and success with this program. This is what sets this unique program well apart from most other types of Fundraising or entertainment events.

One of the greatest appeals and benefits of our Comedy Night Live! Fundrai
sers  is that they can be directed to a specific target audience, the whole family, or your entire area community, while expenses are sufficiently reduced to a point that many additional revenue sources can be enjoyed.

We truly understand that when a fundraising group signs-up for our program, they are serious about raising money and are looking for something different and unique with much greater impact, potential and opportunity. Our programs are designed for groups and venues of all sizes and locations to easily raise profits with very minimal effort, in very little time.
We also realize the groups that we work with are not in the entertainment or event business. It is for this exact reason that we created our Fundraising Project Kit. This is, without a doubt, the most valuable and outstanding feature of our Maximum Profits and No-Risk Partners In Profits programs. This step-by-step guide manual allows you to host and enjoy a successful live event without any necessary event or entertainment knowledge or previous experience at all.
These one-of-a-kind programs are unlike any other Fundraising program available, anywhere!

The greatest appeal of these FUN Fundraising programs is our Project Kit literally takes you by the hand through the step-by-step process that begins with your first committee meeting and guides you along until the day of the performance. 90% of this program has already been done for you so you can focus on your basic responsibilities and then relax and enjoy the show! This is the blueprint and key component to your success, and is literally worth thousands of dollars to your Fundraising group. The Project Kit features everything you’ll need to host and create a successful and profitable Fundraising event including assembling your Fundraising team, setting your goals, determining the details and target for your Fundraising event, complete program description and outline, individual duties and responsibilities, creating multiple income resources, promotional strategies, promotional materials, publicity pieces, artwork, all the posters, camera-ready advertising tools, templates and much, much more. You will be absolutely amazed at how detailed, complete and valuable this professional resource will be to your group’s Fundraising success. The entire program is laid out in an easy-to-follow format so all you have to do is follow each step on our proven and profitable game plan. The entire program allows you to be able to customize everything specifically to your group, allowing you to relax and simply "fill-in-the-blanks" to host a successful event.
This program has been designed and created to work regardless of the size of your group (this Fundraiser frequently has been executed by a "committee" of just 2 or 3 individuals!) and regardless of the population or geography of your community (equally successful results have been reported by both bigger city hosts as well as smaller local communities). 

Here are just a few of the many great benefits you'll get from working with these programs:

1. An excellent comedy performance with the focus on fun family entertainment. The wonder and awe of a good live stage performance is truly a unique experience that families and friends can share together. The positive recognition your group receives for providing something like this to the community will have many lasting benefits.
2. A powerful and unique fundraising project. This program has tremendous profit potential! The hosting groups profits are practically unlimited depending on the options you choose. This project is well worth your serious consideration.

3. A wonderful way to involve your community with a high-profile event that leaves a lasting and positive impression. It also can create impact and attention by directly creating awareness and delivering your message. The residual benefits from this program are tremendous and can easily be a foundation towards your follow-up events and future Fundraisers. 

We are 100% completely confident that all these opportunities and benefits are available to any group that follows and works with our program.

We will be happy to offer personal assistance to answer any questions you may have and further explain the simple details of this exciting program. Simply contact us direct to speak with one of our representatives.






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