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ComedyMic.JPGComedy Night Live! is becoming a new favorite nationwide among Fraternal Organizations and Social Clubs right besides Bingo, specialty dinner events, and gaming. images-10.jpgComedy Night Live! is so easy to host and truly offers a fun and interactive event of live stand-up comedy. Our performances offer universal mass-appeal, as everyone loves to laugh and experience the fun and excitement of a live comedy show.

Comedy Night Live! is also offers an excellent source of additional income revenue from rental venues and banquet facilities on open dates, while offering a fun-filled event of laughter and entertainment for your members or the community.

Another great benefit of Comedy Night Live! is the ability to host our shows on either a weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis, with the ability to grow and add shows as your audience, reputation and profits grow. We work directly with your staff to show you how to best utilize the many benefits of our performances, how to create return customers that will not only keep coming back, but will want to bring family, friends and new customers each time they return. Comedy Night Live! also brings in new images-11.jpgcustomers and allows you the opportunity to convert them into regular return customers. Live comedy has one of the largest draws of all forms of live entertainment. Stand-up comedy leaves a lasting impression and great memories, more than most other forms of live entertainment.

We show you how to properly and cost-effectively promote and produce your Comedy Night Live! shows for maximum results. We provide posters, table tents and additional promotional materials to help brand yourself as the comedy venue in your area. We assist in educating and training your staff to properly approach, promote and work with live comedy to generate the most profits for your venue as well as increases tips for themselves, while enhancing the format of our performance. Comedy Night Live! will help you to create loyal return customers for our performances. Your customers will want to hear about upcoming Comedy Night Live! shows, and other specials and promotions, and most of all will promote your venue by word of mouth to everyone they know, generating a buzz throughout your entire community. No other form of live entertainment offers so many benefits.

USA Today newspaper just ran a recent cover story detailing the mass-appeal, simplicity and upcoming live stand-up comedy boom that is beginning and expected across the country. Now you can allow yourself to tap into this most unique form of live entertainment before others in your area and be identified with live comedy entertainment before your competition. We are your inside source for live stand-up comedy nights and events.

images-12.jpg Comedy Night Live! has prices and pricing options to accommodate most serious clubs, associations and organizations. We make it easier than ever to separate yourself from the competition. The more established you become in your area for hosting live comedy, the more benefits and opportunities will exist and be created. Be sure to ask about our first time Introductory Offer.TheaterAudience.jpg

Comedy Night Live! is also excellent for Fundraisers, Membership Drives, Open Houses, Holiday Events, Receptions, Family Events or for your sponsored community events at local Fairs, Festivals and Celebrations. Our performances can also be combined with your existing events and offerings to allow for maximum impact and profits.

As many Fraternal Organizations and Social Clubs have discovered, Comedy Night Live! easily becomes a must-see event, brings audiences back time after time, allowing our performances to quickly become one of your most anticipated and talked about events. Comedy Night Live! is fun to watch, but even more fun for those than choose to participate in the interactive fun. 

Contact us today to learn more about how you can bring Comedy Night Live! to your club or organization, and how you can become a the hot spot in town for comedy,  laughter and fun for audiences of all ages and demographics. Let Comedy Night Live! work for you today!






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